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About Inmade

Inmade brings society and prison-leavers closer by offering the highest-quality products made in prisons from all over the world.

Our work adds value to a prisoner's work as people in the community are enjoying and purchasing the fruits of their labour. This increases a prison-leaver's confidence that they can 'make it' in the community. Inmade responsibly sources our products from prisons ensuring the prisoner gains value in the forms of savings or extra training from the experience.

For society, we show them that prisoners are people too and can produce beautiful items that everyone can enjoy. We hope our products create empathy for the prison-leavers by members of society as they're enjoying their crafted gift they may just think "Wow, we should support anyone who makes something this good!"

We are in the early days of Inmade. The two founders have also served a prison sentence; one of us in the prison, the other waiting for the other to be released... but more of that another day. We're keen to see Inmade have a global impact on prisons and consumers all around the road.

Thank you for being on this journey with us


Emily and Jacob